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Highwave Scientific Research Project is privatly funded. This page summarise the key milestones of our project.



  Nov JFC Marine Met Ocean Buoy retrofitting - Highwave realtime data sea to shore  
  July Successfully trialed SeaFi offshore link at 10 km for Highwave Met Ocean Realtime Data Buoy
2021  Mar Highwave research station remote management over WMAN is now operational.
  Oct Highwave WMAN launch with direct 18 km bachaul to the Island of Inishmaan
2020 Sep New prototype SeaFi Coastal Station construction on Inis MeaĆ­n (Ireland) - Highwave Research Module
2019 Sept Project Highwave (ERC) is adopting SeaFi as enabling technology for it's reatime Met Ocean Data buoy
  Nov SeaFi S360 retrofitting design for OPT PB3 wave energy converter

The furthest maritime broadband transmission (no satellite) is 19.4 nautical miles (35.92 km). It was achieved by Arnaud Disant and SEA-Tech in Cork, Ireland, on 6 June 2018 and homologated in the Guinness World Book of Record, as a scientific record.

This record was set to raise awareness on alternative marine data-communication, crew welfare and the possibility to give a second life cycle to lighthouses across the world.

  Apr Royal IHC design for dredges monitoring based on SeaFi S360 MK-II antenna and mobile coastal station
2018 Jan 2nd Special design for MV INNOVATION - IHC Hydrohammer project with Orlaco Systems
  May Test trial MV Stena Horizon with WMAN Shore to Shore design proposal & presentation to Irish Ferries
  Apr Port of Cork Merchant Tug cameras are remotely operated from Cork Habour Operation (VMS) via SeaFi
2017 Jan Port of Waterford SeaFi Dockside integration for crew welfare
  Jun Instantwave Scientific Research proposal (ERC) in collaboration with Prof. Frederic Dias (UCD)
2016 Jan Preliminary approach for a world record for the longest broadband transmission at sea.
  Oct Decommissionning Port of Cork Smartbay buoy Realtime data - Publication white paper
  Jul Decommissionning Irish Naval Service vessel LE Niamh
  Apr Irish Naval Service vessel LE Niamh is equipped with a SeaFi S360 MK-II prototype antenna for offshore tests
  Apr Special design for MV INNOVATION - IHC Hydrohammer project with Orlaco Systems
  Mar Initial observation study for EDF Energies Nouvelles (Project Grand Large) in Martigues
  Feb SeaFi Dockside access point prototypes are improving crew welfare in Cork harbour
2015 Jan SeaFi S360 and C120 Mk II with improved mounting features
  Sept Offshore 10 km connection between INS vessel LE Niamh and intervention rib equipped with camera
  Aug Irish Naval Service vessel LE Niamh is equipped with a SeaFi S360 MK-I prototype antenna for offshore tests
  July The concept of Wireless Maritime Area Network (WMAN) is coined for the first time at the National Maritime College of Ireland during a seminar in presence of Prof. Frederic Dias (UCD) Dr Stephane Aymard (French Embassy Scientific Advisor)
  June Irish Naval Service vessel STY Creidne is equipped with a SeaFi S360 prototype antenna for inshore tests
  May Radar interferences advanced colision tests at NMCI with Irish Naval Service RRT instructors
  April SeaFi Port of Cork Wireless Maritime Area Network is extended to upper harbour

Marine Institute RV Celtic Voyager survey mission in Cork harbour is temporarilly equipped with SeaFi

2014 Jan First six months service Port of Cork Smartbay buoy - Realtime data with maximum uptime
  Dec Port of Cork is approving the rollout of several coastal stations in the lower section of Cork harbour 
  Aug Initial long term approval tests aboard Damen service vessel MV Denis Murphy (Port of Cork)
  June First succesfull Met Ocean Buoy deployment (Smartbay) with Port of Cork
2013 Jan Commissionners of Irish Lights authorised use of Rochespoint lighthouse for SeaFi scientific research project
2012 Sep Successfull ship to shore radio transmission (2.4 GHz) on board tug Alex in Cork harbour.